Attendance Guidelines And Our No-Show Policy

Payment for Surkus events is contingent upon attendance of the event and fulfilling the event's attendance guidelines. Failure to attend the event or fulfill the attendance guidelines will result in a no-show. While each event will have specific attendee instructions and guidelines, not adhering to the following steps will automatically result in a no-show:

  • Arriving at an event more than fifteen minutes late
  • Leaving an event before it has ended
  • Leaving the designated Surkus VIP or bottle service section for periods longer than thirty minutes
  • Canceling your event attendance with less than an hour and 45 minutes before the event is scheduled to start. 
  • If you've been marked as a no-show and believe that this has happened due to an error, please  contact us.


Note: No-Shows affect your eligibility for future casting requests. A large number of No-Shows on a Member's profile will result in less casting opportunities limit their eligibility for high profile events.

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