What happens if I don't show up to an event or leave early?

In order to get rewarded for an event, you must both attend and complete the event's attendance guidelines. Failure to attend an event for which you've been cast will result in a 'No-Show,' and failure to fulfill the event's guidelines will result in your attendance being recorded as 'Did Not Complete Instructions'. 

While each event will have specific attendee instructions and guidelines, the following instances will automatically result in a no-show:

  • Not showing up to attend the event 

  • Canceling your event attendance after the event has started

  • Not checking in before the event is over

It's important to note that No-Shows affect your eligibility for future casting requests. A large number of No-Shows on a member's profile will result in less casting opportunities, limiting their eligibility for high profile events.

Members whose attendance is recorded as 'Did Not Complete Instructions' are not eligible for payment. This may happen at an in-person event for the following reasons:

  • The Ambassador is unaware of your location at the event for a long period of time

  • You were asked to leave by the host/venue due to misconduct

  • You left the venue before the event ended

If you've been marked as a No-Show or Did Not Complete and believe that this has happened due to an error, please contact us within 48 hours of the event's end time. Your attendance cannot be modified after this time period.

Quick Note: When checking in for Online Events, your submission is marked as 'in-review' until you have submitted your proof of participation via the form included in the Event Details. Unlike being flagged at a physical event, checking in for online events lets us know that you are going to participate and are taking your first steps to completing the casting successfully. If you do not complete the Event Requirements before the given deadline, your status for the event will be recorded as “Did Not Complete”.

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