What are Online-Only events?

Surkus offers online-only events that pay for your honest reviews. If you are cast for one of these events, please be sure to read the specific Participation Instructions for a thorough breakdown of the process.

While the program sometimes changes, the following basic guidelines and instructions should normally apply:

  1. Purchase the product which you are reviewing.

    This program requires you to have an Amazon Prime account. You will purchase the product and email your proof of purchase to Please be sure that the product name and total amount is completely visible.

  2. Wait for the product to arrive, and begin testing the product as instructed.

  3. Take screenshots of your reviews, complete this Verification Form, and upload your final screenshots.

When submitting your final screenshots, please be sure that they are both clear and from the live Amazon site. Do not submit screenshots stating that your review is under review. Instead, wait until it is live on the product's page.

NOTE 1: Please remember that you do need to check-in for all online events.

NOTE 2: If you've been marked as a No-Show or Did Not Complete and believe that this has happened due to an error, please contact us within 48 hours of the Event's end time. Your attendance cannot be modified after this time period.

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