New Feature: Surkus Member Rating

Your Member Rating is an overall representation of your interactions with the Surkus app. It helps our system decide who is going to be cast based on most likely to attend an event. You can find your Member rating by opening your profile and selecting the blue badge found underneath your profile picture.




Here you’ll notice a numerical score along with a classification relative to how likely our system thinks it is that you will attend a given event. The higher your rating, the more positive we are that you’ll actually attend an Event that you are cast for.  It also will allow you to be eligible for much more exclusive and limited events.


Note: Our system is fair so do not be discouraged if your rating drops due to an interaction with the App (i.e. being a No-Show)- the points lost can be earned back in a variety of ways. Simply interacting with the App by responding to an Event Request will help improve your score. For advice on improving your rating, check out our write-up, here.


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