What does my 'Member Rating' mean?

Your Member Rating shows an overall representation of your interactions with the Surkus app. This helps our system decide who will be cast based on who is most likely to attend an event. You can find your score by opening your profile and selecting the blue badge found underneath your profile picture.




Here, you’ll notice your numerical score along with a classification relative to how likely our system believes you may attend a given event. A higher rating allows us to better determine whether or not you’ll actually attend an event for which you are cast, and it'll also allow you to become eligible for many more of our exclusive and limited events.

How you can improve your rating:

It can be as simple as using the Surkus app! Each interaction you have with the app (ie: responding to an event request, attending events, or canceling if you can’t make it) will contribute to your overall rating. 

Literally just responding “No, I’m not available or interested” will help improve your Member Rating because you’re giving us valuable feedback. 

Attending events and fulfilling all of the event's guidelines properly will also boost your rating. 

Factors That Will Lower Your Rating:

  • Being a No-Show for an Event that you have been cast for
  • Ignoring an Event Request
  • Canceling for an Event at the last minute
  • Being marked as Did Not Complete/Not abiding by the event's guidelines. 

    Remember, in any case, even if your score has been lowered, you will have opportunities to make those points back by responding to the next Event Requests you receive. 


Note: Our system is fair, so do not be discouraged if your rating drops due to an interaction with the App (i.e. being a No-Show). The points lost can be earned back in a variety of ways. Simply interacting with the App by responding to an Event Request will help improve your score. For advice on improving your rating, check out our write-up here


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