New Feature: Pre-Event Guestlist

Surkus Members, your requests have been heard. Our latest update includes a feature addition allowing Members who are cast for an event to view the casting status of both their Facebook friends and any other SURKUS members who have been requested for a given event. 

How It Works:

From the event screen, check out the Who's Going section located below the event location:


Touch this section to see potential attendees for this event broken down into 2 sections: Who's Going and Friends Requested


Who's Going lists those on the Surkus platform who have already been cast. The 'Friends' section includes all of the people that you are connected to through Facebook, while the 'Members' section includes all others who have been cast that are not your friends.


Friends Requested displays any friends that you have recommended be cast or have already received an Availability Request for the same event.

Be mindful that you will only be able to see all 3 sections if you are cast. If you have not been cast and have recommended friends that have not been cast to that event, you will just see yourself in the top section and in a section below (Friends Requested), you will see the friends that you have recommended for that event.


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