Surkus Members and Event Conduct

To keep Events fun and enjoyable, our Community operates on a very straight forward Code of Conduct. The items here will be standard for most Members but to keep things simple, the following defines our ideals for how Surkus Members conduct themselves at Events:

  1. Arrive at the Event within fifteen minutes of the start time listed in the App.
  2. Enjoy yourself! Engage with other Members, Guests and Attendees.
  3. Stay at the Event for the duration listed in the App. If for any reason you might need to leave early while in attendance ideally notify the ambassador before leaving the venue.
  4. For events with complimentary alcohol we recommend using Lyft or Uber.

The following defines conduct by Surkus Members deemed unacceptable at Events and can result in your payment being reduced or withheld:

  1. Violence in any capacity. If you have a conflict with another Member we advise contacting your Ambassador or removing yourself from the situation and contacting
  2. The use or consumption of illegal / illicit drugs. 
  3. Hostile interactions towards the Event Host, Venue Staff, Ambassador or other Attendees- this applies both before and after events, in person or via chat/SMS and phone calls.
  4. Altercations with on-site Security or the Police, getting arrested for actions taken at the Venue, etc.
  5. Any deliberate misrepresentation or submission of fraudulent information in connection to any platform hosted Event or Campaign.

Note: Serious violations of the above can result in dismissal from the platform. For any questions related to the contents of this article or a specific situation at an event, please email

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