What types of events can I use Surkus for?

You can use Surkus for all types of events that need guests (typically anywhere from 5 - 250+) in order to be successful. The possibilities are truly endless, and we are open to exploring all ideas for events using Surkus.

Some example uses for Surkus:

  • A branded/experiential event that wants to ensure a full crowd of potential customers throughout
  • A bar/nightclub/restaurant who wants to ensure their atmosphere is fun and vibrant on slower nights and non-peak hours
  • A special event looking to make sure that their crowd is made up of their ideal people who are improving the event itself
  • A new product/brand launch that wants potential future customers to try it out and solicit feedback and reviews
  • A product/brand seeking promo models to help promote their brand/product at an event
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