Creating A Surkus Profile

Your Profile is key to being cast for events that match your interests and compatibility with the event. You can manage your photos, location, event preferences and payment method. Your profile also has a Reputation Score that is a combination of reliability, engagement, feedback from other Members, Ambassadors and Event Hosts. Your reputation score is not visible to you or other users, though we are working to make that more transparent.

Editing Your Profile:

Your basic profile was created when you first signed up on the app by linking to your Facebook account. You were asked to assign photos from your Facebook photos or photo library for a headshot, profile photo and body shot.

Investing in your profile and keeping it fresh is in your best interest to increase your opportunities with Surkus.

Your Photos:

To manage your photos navigate to “My Photos” from the Main Menu (iOS) or the Photos section under the Profile tab (web portal). On this screen you can replace existing photos by “X-ing" the photo and deleting it. You can add photos by tapping the “+” and selecting from: Camera, Library, Facebook or Instagram.

Screenshot_2017-06-16-10-05-49.png             IMG_1061.jpg

Photo upload options (l to r - web portal, iOS)

To update your name, email address, phone number, zip code and birthday navigate to “Profile” from the Main Menu. Make your edits and tap on “Update”. From the Profile screen you can also add your Instagram account and manage your payment preferences through PayPal. The Profile screen is also where you access your Entertainment Profile if that’s appropriate for you.

Your Event Preferences let us know the type of events you’d prefer to be cast for. “Event Preferences” are available from the Main Menu. Your preferences will increase in variety as you are requested for different event, venue, and music types.


Your Score:

Our system and internal team rely on a Score as another measure in determining who is cast for events. The score is based on the no-shows, cancellations, and other system factors involving your direct interactions with the platform (i.e. responding to requests, canceling in advance etc.). The Surkus community of Members, Hosts and Ambassadors are asked to provide feedback randomly to aid in scoring.

Change of Address: 

To be sure you are considered for events in your area update the address field of your Surkus profile to the area of the city where you would like to be cast for events. You can do this by updating your Profile by navigating to "Edit Profile" from the Main Menu or on the web here.


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