How do I create my Surkus profile?

Your profile is key to being cast for the events that best match your interests. You can manage your photos, location, event preferences, and payment method all within the app or web portal. 

Customizing Your Profile:

  • Your basic profile was created when you first signed up on the app and linking your Facebook account.
  • Be sure to upload your photo(s) directly from Facebook or your photo library that best represent you, your personality, and your interests. 

Taking the time to really customize your profile and keeping it fresh and updated is one of the best ways you can increase your opportunities with Surkus. 

Your Photos:

  • Navigate to “My Photos” from the Main Menu (in the app) or the Photos section under the Profile tab (web portal).
  • You can replace existing photos by “X-ing" the photo and deleting it.
  • You can add photos by tapping the “+” and selecting from either Camera, Library, Facebook, or Instagram.

Screenshot_2017-06-16-10-05-49.png             IMG_1061.jpg


To update your profile info, navigate to “Profile” from the Main Menu. Make your edits, and be sure to tap on “Update” so that it all saves. From the Profile screen, you can choose to add your Instagram account as well as manage your payment preferences through PayPal.

Event Preferences:

Use this section to let us know what events you'd most like to attend!  





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