Getting Cast For Events

Getting cast to attend a Surkus event begins with receiving an Availability Request and responding as 'available'. You will then be eligible to be cast for the event. Responding to an availability request only lets us know you are interested in an event, you still have to be cast by our casting agents or the venue. If you are cast for an event but cannot make it, you must cancel in the App to avoid receiving a no-show.

If you want to be cast more often there are a few things you can do to influence the selection process: when you are cast be sure to respond quickly, arrive on time, stay throughout the event and engage at the event as indicated in the event details; keep your profile and event preferences updated. These factors are included in your Reputation Score that is a combination of reliability, engagement, and feedback from other Members, Ambassadors and Event Hosts.

And if you don’t get cast right away, don’t worry we’re rolling out more Surkus events every day.

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