How Surkus Works For Clients

Surkus connects businesses with the ideal crowd that influence and activate their real-world events.

Brands, Agencies, Nightclubs, Restaurants and Casting Agencies partner with SURKUS to deliver authentic crowds to influence their event or venue. 

Surkus Members are paid for attending exciting events and must-see venues. All of this is made possible through our app available on iOS and Android.


As a Surkus Client you can create and cast an event from our App or by contacting our casting team.

Surkus has launched our first version of Event Hosting on our App. To get started navigate to “Event Hosting” from the Main Menu. If you are an existing Surkus Member, you’ll be prompted to add your contact information, business affiliation and a valid credit card. Approval may take a day or two as we verify the integrity of the information for new clients for the safety of our members and your business. Once approved, you may set up your own events directly from the Surkus App.

The feature has limited capabilities in this initial release. We encourage you to contact us at any time if you have questions or would like support in creating your event.

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