Referring New Members + Referral Bonus


The Referral Program Bonus encourages existing Surkus Members to invite their friends, who are not one the platform, to join Surkus using a personalized Referral Code. The member earns $5 for each new member that signs up with their invite link and attends a Surkus event for the first time. (This must be a real-world event, not an online event.)

New members that sign up through the referral promotion will also earn a $5 bonus for attending their first event! Only new members are eligible to earn the $5 bonus for attending their first event. There is no limit for how many friends you can refer!

To share your Invitation Code navigate to “Referral Program” from the Main Menu in the iOS app and "Invite Friends" in the web portal. From this screen, you can share your code via Facebook, Twitter, text or email. The recipient will receive a link to download the app, and they'll then be associated with your account for the bonus.

Please Note:

Invite links are to be used only for personal, non-commercial purposes. A referrer can share an invite link with their personal connections via their social media accounts where the referrer is the primary account holder. Distributing an invite code on a site where the referrer is a contributor but not the primary content owner is not allowed. Promoting an invite code via search engine marketing is not allowed.

$5 first time event promotion is ONLY available to new sign-ups (within 72hrs after signing up). Existing members are not eligible for this promotion.

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