Location Services / Background App Refresh

Surkus uses location-based casting allowing the Surkus platform to match you with events based on your distance from the venue. 

With some versions of Surkus you may experience inconsistent behavior on your Dashboard. If so, please take the following steps to enable or confirm Location Services and Background App-Refresh are set properly on your device.

SURKUS App Permission Settings:

Location Services must be enabled for the Surkus App to function as intended. Set location permissions for the Surkus App to 'Always' and Background App Refresh for the Surks App to 'On' as displayed below by accessing Privacy -> Location Services -> Surkus from your device Settings.


If You Still Cannot Access Your Dashboard:

If you still cannot access your dashboard after enabling the above permission settings please ensure that your device is setup with Background App Refresh enabled by accessing General -> Background App Refresh and making sure that the Background App Refresh setting is turned 'On'.  


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